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Improve meetings with this advice

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You spend so much time in meetings. Prevent conflict and accomplish more during each session by establishing these ground rules:

  • Don’t conduct side conversations. Few habits are more distracting—or ruder—than two people carrying on a side conversation while the rest of the group discusses an issue.
  • Turn off all electronic devices. The dings and buzzes are distracting. Besides that, if you are having a meeting it’s for a good reason. It should be everyone’s top priority, so no one—including you—should need to check emails or take calls.
  • Don’t shoot down ideas. Some of the greatest innovations came from outlandish ideas that were tweaked until they were doable. Don’t allow teammates to make comments like “That won’t work” or “We tried that before and failed.” See every idea as something worth investigating.
  • Say “Thanks.” Throughout the meeting, make it a point to show appreciation for people’s input and ideas—even the ones you ultimately decide won’t work. That will help to keep the conversation civil and encourage everyone to offer input.
  • Confirm buy-in from everyone. Go around the room and ask each person if they support the decision. You need everyone onboard to make plans work, and having each verbally commit is the first step to doing that.

While setting the rules is a great place to start, make sure you and the rest of your team are holding one another accountable for following them. Don’t be afraid to call people out when they break the rules.

— Adapted from “Tips to Propel Meetings to the Next Level,” Don Tinney, Business 2 Community, www.business2community.com.

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