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Do your employees get along as a team?

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in Leaders & Managers,Team Building

One aspect of morale is the way people feel about those they work with. For a quick look at the way your people feel, ask them to answer the following:
  1. Do you feel close to most of the people you work with? Y  N  
  2. Do the people in your group get along well and work together easily? Y  N  
  3. Is being part of this work group helping you get some things you want from life? Y  N
  4. Do you trust the people you work with? Y  N
  5. Do the people in your group stick together and help each other when the chips are down? Y  N
  6. Does being accepted as a member of this group give you a sense of accomplishment? Y  N
  7. Do the people you work with share information with each other almost automatically? Y  N
  8. From time to time, do you discuss important personal matters with others in this group? Y  N
  9. Does this group do a good job in solving work-related problems and handling conflicts? Y  N
  10. Do you feel that others are glad you work here with them? Y  N


Count the “Yes” answers and rate the totals on this scale:

8-10: Very positive feelings toward the group.

5-7:  Neutral to positive feelings; unlikely to be serious problems

3-4: Neutral to negative feelings; a significant problem or two may be developing.

0-2: Very negative feelings toward the group; problems already exist and solutions should be explored.

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