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Why you need a personal brand

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Establishing a personal brand should be as important to you as creating a consumer brand is to a company. For Business2community.com, Genia Stevens examines the significance of personal branding and suggests why you should establish yours.

  • It will show your value. A personal brand can help you advance in your career be­­cause it shows off your value to the company. Estab­­lish­­ing a strong brand will help you answer these questions: Who am I? Why am I an asset? Why am I part of the team?
  • Online behavior influences brand. Your brand message is more than in-person behavior; it also accounts for online behavior. Behaviors in emails, social media, comment threads, etc., will affect how others perceive you.  
  • Use a career coach for branding strategy. If you have trouble pinpointing your brand, a career coach may help you identify your goals and create a strategy to achieve them.
  • Rebrand after a misstep. After a major mistake, re­­brand­­ing is still possible; the time required will de­­pend on the magnitude of the error. While rebranding you should ask who you want to be, what personality do you want to convey, and what type of behavior will you engage in?

— Adapted from “Strong Personal Branding Key to Successful Career Advancement,” Genia Stevens, Business2community.com.

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