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Procrastinator? Try these 4 hacks

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We’ve all procrastinated before. Maybe you delayed starting a project or your exercise plan. Chris Winfield, writing for Inc., shares several anti-procrastination tips.

  1. “(10+2)*5”: A simple work equation. Pick a task and work only on it for 10 minutes. Then take a two-minute break. Repeat this process five times and you are bound to get work done in the resulting hour.
  2. Super-tiny tasks: Break a big task down into much smaller tasks. Winfield uses the example of going to the gym: put on shoes, get in car, drive to gym, etc.
  3. Airplane mode: If you are easily distracted by social media, email, etc., put your phone on airplane mode to stop all incoming notifications.
  4. Schedule it for the last minute: If you have an absolute deadline and you know how long the task will take, plan to do it right before it is due. It sounds crazy, but you will focus in on the task at hand. We do recommend adding in a little cushion time though!

— Adapted from “5 Procrastination ‘Hacks’ for the Secretly Lazy,” Chris Winfield, Inc.

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