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6 ways you can get more done at work

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There are a million distractions around us every day, and it can be hard to stay focused, writes Emil Shour for SnackNation. Here are some tips that can make you more productive and eliminate distractions from your workday:

1.  Create a list of the essentials. These are the tasks that must be completed before the day ends.

2.  Complete identical tasks at the same time. Group similar tasks together and get them done all at once. It’ll be easier to focus on the task rather than jumping from one idea to another.

3.  Stay up to date. Check in with those you’re working with so that everyone knows what they are responsible for. The less time you spend on answering questions, the more time you can devote to completing tasks.

4.  Organize your environment. Get your desk clear so you can focus on the task at hand.

5.  Plan ahead. At the end of your workweek, make task lists for the following week.

6.  Focus on one task at a time. Don’t fall into the black hole of multitasking.

— Adapted from “25 Easy Tips to Increase Pro­­duc­­tiv­­i­ty at Work,” Emil Shour, SnackNation.

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