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Make connections with corporate gifts

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Corporate gifts aren’t just for holidays. You can send a gift to a new client to celebrate the partnership, to an occasional client to let them know you’re thinking about them, or to a recurring client to show them how much you value them, says Jady Regard, “chief nut officer” at Cane River Pecans Co. Corporate gifts help keep the relationship current, especially when the client isn’t expecting the present.

Follow these tips to ensure your corporate gifts hit just the right tone.

•  Find something useful. A good corporate gift should combine originality and functionality, says Matthew Aversa, founder and CEO of Twenty One PR. “I find that the best corporate gifts include things that someone uses or sees every day, that can remind them of the person gifting,” Aversa says. A good indoor plant, a mousepad or a basket of office supplies are all things the recipient will use.

•  Make it one-of-a-kind. Customization can help your corporate gift stand out, says Mary Babiez, president of Thoughtful Presence. Cus­­tom­­­­iz­­ing a gift or gift basket and aiming for high-quality products will leave an immediate and long-lasting positive impression, she says. “The last thing a company wants to give is something generic.”

•  Shop local. Giving something from your area that might be hard to get elsewhere, such as a local food, can make the gift special. For example, the pecans and pecan products from Cane River are grown in Louisiana, where they are native. Local gifts like this can make a memorable impression on clients and partners, Regard says.

•  Consider experiences, not things. You can’t wrap experiences, but you can make it possible for valued clients or partners to step away from their desks and fulfill a dream, says Michelle Geib, co-founder and president of Experience Days, which offers activity-based gifts. Options might include dance or art lessons, driving a high-performance sports car, learning to fly a plane or a tasting tour.

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April Cook July 7, 2016 at 1:26 pm

I really like your idea to give local gifts. It helps out the smaller businesses in your area and also provides something unique that clients will remember. I think it would also be easier to make the gifts personal when you can work directly with the supplier. Do you think it’s better to give everyone the same gift, or should each one be customized for the receiver? Thanks for these helpful tips!


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