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Try Google Docs on your phone

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Making document changes while out and about can be tedious, but one potential solution is Google Docs on your phone. Ben Patterson offers tips on PC World to help you master Google Docs on a 5-inch screen.

•  Make the switch to “gesture” typing. Google lets you swipe over letters in a continuous motion to create words. This eliminates the struggle of tapping each letter individually. “Gesturing” takes practice, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be adding sentences to a document in a flash.

•  Pull down to access your editing tools. Can’t find the editing tool you are looking for? Lightly swipe down on the screen to reveal more editing options.

•T ake a document offline. Sometimes you aren’t in Wi-Fi range, but Google Docs lets you take an individual document offline to continue making changes. Once you reconnect to the Internet, all changes will sync with Google Drive.

•  Review any “suggested” changes. On your phone, you can click on highlighted parts of the document to accept or reject other people’s edits. It makes for quick editing.

— Adapted from “6 Google Docs Tips for Android & iOS,” Ben Patterson, PC World.

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