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Pharma scientists indicted for stealing trade secrets

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in Employment Law,Human Resources

Two GlaxoSmithKline scientists, one from Pennsylvania, are among five people charged with stealing trade secrets related to an anti-cancer drug the pharmaceutical giant is developing.

A scientist who worked at GSK’s Upper Merion location allegedly teamed up with another scientist in Califor­­nia to sell research data to a pharmaceutical start-up, funded in part by the Chinese government. According to a federal indictment, the two conspired with three others to provide the research to Renopharma, a Delaware-based research company.

GSK officials claim the two scientists deliberately circumvented the company’s efforts to protect trade secrets. They knew about policies forbidding employees from storing company research on personal computers, yet prosecutors learned of the scheme to sell information when the GSK employees downloaded anti-cancer research data onto their computers.

Note: If you have potentially lucrative trade secrets, make it clear to em­­ploy­­ees exactly how to handle such data.

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