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Lawyer hoped for Philly, had to settle for Harrisburg

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in Employment Law,Human Resources

Some federal courts may be perceived as more favorable to employees because of the demographic pool from which they draw jurors. In Pennsylvania, for example, Philadelphia-area jurors tend to hand out more money. Some lawyers therefore try to file in Philadelphia instead of in more conservative areas of the state, such as Harrisburg. It doesn’t always work.

Recent case: Nancy, who lives and worked in Harrisburg, sued her former employer in Philadelphia over alleged age and disability discrimination. But the employer pointed out that neither it, its owner nor Nancy had any connection to Philadelphia other than that Nancy’s attorney was a Philadelphia lawyer. That was enough for the court to move the case to Harrisburg. (Navetta v. KIS Career School, No. 14-5724, ED PA, 2016)

Final note: Courts are losing patience with employees’ lawyers who try to game the system.

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