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Deciding who can take on more work

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Are you drowning in work, but not confident that you can delegate high-priority or important work to your employees?

Use this checklist to know which ones are ready to take on more responsibility:

Proven to be trustworthy. Such employees excel in their current roles. They meet their deadlines, and turn in exceptional work. When they do fail, they take accountability for their mistakes and do their best to prevent repeating them.

Helpful to everyone. They offer their support to co-workers and you. If something needs doing, they jump in and do it, even if it doesn’t fall under their job description.

Determined to improve. They take initiative for developing their skills and growing their knowledge. They don’t wait around to find out how something works or should be done.

Solves problems on their own. When an issue pops up, they seek out a solution. They never utter “It’s not my problem” or “It’s not my job to deal with that.”

— Adapted from “4 Signs That Your Employee is Ready for More Responsibility,” The Reserves Network, www.trnstaffing.com.

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