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4 questions to build your case

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

Whether you want to convince your boss to accept your idea or influence your team to buy-in to a new change, you will be much more persuasive if you prepare your remarks with the end in mind.

Before you draft your notes or create your slides, answer these questions first:

•    What do I want the listeners to think while I’m talking?

•    How do I want them to feel after I stop talking?

•    What actions do I want them to take?

•    How will implementing the ideas affect them?

Once you have answered those questions, you will be able to draft a presentation that ensures you meet all your objects and evokes the emotion you want from listeners. Additionally, you gain a sense of obstacles you might face, so that you can respond to objections and maintain a focus on the positives of your proposal.

— Adapted from “Be More Persuasive by Answering These 3 Questions,” Shari Alexan­­der, Entrepreneur, www.


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