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The Records Management Filing Cabinet: June ’16

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in Office Management,Records Retention

Employees recording? A worker records a staff meeting so he can catch up on its content later. Another breaks out his phone to capture the funniest moments from the Fun Club’s Employee Sack Race. Seems harmless enough, but where are these new records going? Every piece of video and audio can be edited in ways that distort the context, or leaked as is through clumsy or intentional posting elsewhere. It could be time to make a policy on what can be documented within your office walls and what can’t.

Looking for fireproof filing cabinets? Make sure the cabinet has at least a 1 hour UL (Underwriters’ Laboratories) 350 rating, meaning the inside of the cabinet will not heat up beyond 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour. Paper combusts when its temperature hits around 400 degrees. Microfilm and magnetic tape will wilt at 140 degrees. For those, you’ll need a UL 125 cabinet.

Lock that flash drive! The last thing you need is to lose or find that your USB flashdrive has “walked off” with some of your company’s sensitive information on it. Here are three lockable USB drives to give you peace of mind, for around 50 bucks:

  • Corsair Padlock2 32GB flash drive ($54.99)
  • Kingston Digital 32GB DataTraveler Locker ($40.30)
  • Cryptex USB Flash Drive 16 GB ($44.95)

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