The HR I.Q. Test: June ’16

1. What do job candidates cite as the top two motivating factors (in order) when making career decisions?

a. Type of work, compensation

b. Compensation, location

c. Benefits, type of work

2. Nearly half (44%) of U.S. workers say they’ve gained weight in their current jobs. What’s the No. 1 reason they cite?

a. Eating because of stress

b. Sitting most of the day

c. Too tired from work to exercise

3. The government’s employee verification form (I-9) expired March 31. What are employers being urged to do?  

a. Continue to use the expired form

b. Scratch out the expiration date and write 12/31/16 on it

c. Stop completing I-9 forms

4.    Hiring managers in what two industries are most likely to use social media to screen candidates?

a. Retail, manufacturing

b. Financial services, health care

c. IT, sales

5. New federal “persuader” rules require employers to fill out public-disclosure forms anytime they hire a consultant to:  

a. Revise their exemption categories

b. Help fight a union organization campaign  

c. Lobby a member of Congress about labor issues

Sources: 1. Manpower survey; 2. survey; 3.; 4. survey; 5.

Answers: 1. a  2. b  3. a  4. c  5. b