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Punching the clock, packing on the pounds

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in Career Management,Centerpiece,Workplace Communication

Feel like you’re gaining weight sitting behind your desk? You’re not alone. A new CareerBuilder survey shows a stressful work life may actually cause extra pounds to add up.

The survey of 3,000 American workers found 55% feel they’re overweight and 44% say they’ve gained weight at their present jobs. In fact, 25% say they’ve packed on 10 pounds or more.

Survey results reveal a strong association between on-the-job stress levels and workers who say they are overweight. Fewer than half of workers (41%) with extremely low stress levels feel they are overweight, compared to 77% of workers with extremely high stress levels.

Among those who’ve gained weight, 53% blame sitting most of the day. Forty-five percent say work makes them too tired to work out, and 36% attribute their weight gain to stress-related eating.

A quarter of employees have access to employer sponsored wellness benefits such as onsite workout facilities and gym passes. However, only 45% of those employees take advantage of them.

Workers in certain industries and occupations are more likely to have gained weight at their present job:

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