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Pro tips for getting more done

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A New York Times reporter had won a Pulitzer Prize and his first book was a best-seller, yet he wondered how some of his peers achieved even more.

So he checked it out, and here’s what worked:

Build a collaborative community that’s not afraid to share ideas and take risks.

Be willing to “let it go.” Highly productive people are constantly looking for better ways: faster and more efficient approaches, higher quality and more innovation.

Set "stretch goals." That’s ambitious, and it may seem impossible but it’s not. If you panic, chunk it down into smaller goals.

Use a U.S. Marine Corps discovery that the most engaged Marines are those who feel they have influence over their own lives. Give yourself options.

Take an informed gamble. Poker champion Annie Duke weighs the probability of each outcome, factoring in how much she doesn’t know. Force yourself to consider the likeliest possibilities, not just the one you want.

— Adapted from Smarter Faster Better, Charles Duhigg, Random House.

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