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You can’t insult customers in a dumber way than this

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

by Jaimy Ford

Another day, another disgruntled worker vents some frustration by sneaking insults onto customer receipts. At the time I’m writing this, two such cases have taken social media by storm in the last week alone.

At a Burrito Express in Mesa, Ariz., a customer—Mia—who placed an order for delivery to her office found "Don't deliver to Mia, just tell her we don't want any more problems, she is loca” printed on the receipt. Apparently, after the restaurant botched a previous order and she complained, the employees dubbed her “crazy.”

The restaurant owner, while admitting the note was meant for employees only, refused to apologize, calling her a slew of other insults. 

Similarly, at Peter Chang's in Arlington, VA, the server included “i’m a plad [sic] a**hole” and other derogatory messages—because a customer had the audacity to question how the rice was served. The man who dared to ask a question—and who was wearing plaid—says that the employees tried to pass it off as a joke and seemed unapologetic, even though the manager did hand over $20 gift cards.

Ultimately, the four involved employees were fired. Someone higher up in the Peter Chang's ranks obviously didn’t appreciate the negative publicity after the story went viral.

Customers can be rude, demanding and downright obnoxious, but you have to handle even the worst ones with tact and respect. That’s something these winners of our Worst Communicators award didn’t do. Instead, their spiteful and immature actions generated a heap of bad publicity for their restaurants.

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