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Tips for leading a new team

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

Many office professionals today find themselves in charge of project teams without much coaching in how to effectively lead those teams. What happens in the early stage of group formation sets the stage for a team’s effectiveness down the road.

Here are some suggestions for breaking the ice and getting off to a productive start:

  1. Resist the urge to just plunge in and start working. Use the first meeting as a “get to know you” gathering. People need to know more about each other than just their names and departments.
  2. Clarify the team’s goals. You may think your purpose for coming together is self-evident, but make sure that everyone on the team knows exactly what the goals are for the project.
  3. Define the ground rules. Many leaders skip this aspect of establishing a team because they assume everyone will arrive on time and get their work in on time. But things can often go wrong. Give the group an opportunity to discuss and establish rules that need to be followed.
  4. Take a collaborative approach to planning. Planning by committee is not always the most efficient approach. Make sure that everyone has a voice and delegate a number of different aspects of the planning to different people. This keeps everyone involved and gives them a more vested interest.

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