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How to create your dream job

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If you don’t have your dream job yet you’re not alone, but Stephanie Vozza writes for Fast Company that you should take a step back and ask whether you’re in a fixer-upper position. Could you make this place your dream job? If the answer is yes, or even maybe, these tips can help:

•  Share your ideas with higher-ups. If they like your ideas, you might get the chance to help them with implementation. Go out of your way to anticipate what the company needs and you’ll be seen as a responsible asset.

•  Work for the job you want. Show your manager that you’re prepared for a position by being helpful in your current position and taking on work from the position you want.

•  Build relationships. Get to know your co-workers and the decision-makers. These relationships will be beneficial when you’re looking to take on more responsibility.

•  Maximize the potential of your position. Go to conferences about your field, join associations and put yourself in the position to network with people who are excelling in your career. Then you can bring everything you learned at these conferences to your office, which will help you day-to-day and also show your executives that you’re taking the initiative.

•  Think positive thoughts. Make a list of all the things you enjoy about your job, and try to take on more tasks like that. Create projects that work to your advantage and let your skills shine.

•  Time to ask. Don’t let a fear of speaking up stop you from reaching your goals.

— Adapted from “How To Turn Your Current Job Into Your Dream Job,” Stephanie Vozza, Fast Company.

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