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Ready to step into a leadership role?

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If you’re seeking a leadership role in your company you should consider a few key questions, Suzanne Dowd Zeller writes for Fortune.

•  Is there a future? People who see themselves having a future at their company are more passionate about their job and more willing to try new things. If possible, get involved in new projects at work; see if you can be a part of the creative process, and share your ideas.

•  Are people recognized for their achievements? Take a look around your workplace and figure out what mood it projects. Is it positive? Make it a point to encourage a positive workplace by encouraging your colleagues and recognizing them for their achievements. Your increased positivity can encourage other people at work to get on board.

•  Do people communicate? If you want to be a good leader at your company you need to be a good communicator. Make an effort to get to know the people in your office. Find out their strengths and weaknesses and what they’re passionate about, and use that to the company’s advantage. If people know that you care, they’ll be more willing to approach you with ideas and questions.

—Adapted from “The One Question You Should Be Asking Yourself at Work,” Suzanne Dowd Zeller, Fortune.

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