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84-year-old admin far from retirement

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Employed by Central Community College (CCC) in Hastings, Neb., since 1979, Pat Sinnard is an 84-year-old administrative assistant who has no plans to retire anytime soon, Laura Beahm writes in  the Hastings Tribune. Sinnard serves full time as the administrative assistant to associate dean Sarah Kort in the health sciences department. For Sinnard, the job serves as a motivator, and she says it has helped her stay young in heart and mind.

“I think a lot of people retire too soon,” she said. “Retirement really sounds wonderful, but you can only travel and do things so much and then you get bored. That’s when people start having health problems.”

Sinnard says she has been blessed with good health and that her job gives her a reason to get up in the morning. Her main job is to serve as the administrative assistant for all eight programs in the health services department. Kort raves about Sinnard’s work.

“She is fabulous,” Kort said. “I tell people she has more energy than all of us. She doesn’t miss a beat. … She just takes good care of all of us. I don’t know what we’ll do if she ever decides to retire.”

Sinnard takes pride in being the oldest employee on campus. She graduated from Grand Island Senior High School in 1949 and waited until her children were taken care of before returning to the classroom at CCC in 1979. Sinnard went on to obtain a degree in medical transcription, which helped her with the terminology used in her department.

Sinnard says she plans to keep working as long as her health allows. She keeps healthy with the aid of vitamins, blood pressure medication and a stationary exercise bike, all in an effort to keep herself feeling energetic.

“People ask me what my goal is,” said Sinnard, “I want to live to be 103. I put on my youngest son’s 25th wedding anniversary reception and they want me to put on their 50th. I’m not sure that’s going to happen, but who knows?”

— Adapted from “At 84, retirement not in Pat Sin­­nard’s vocabulary,” Laura Beahm, Hastings Tribune.

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