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A look at some popular password apps

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passwordPassword apps have become more and more robust over the past several years; some are local only and others will sync all your devices. To help you sort out the best ones, here are a few of the top apps:

LastPass: This service makes it easy to store all your passwords online and sync them with other computers and devices or to store them locally on one device. This app remembers your password as well as audits your passwords, encouraging you to use stronger passwords, and it automatically changes a password for you in services that have been hacked or compromised. The basic service is free and, for the best features, the premium version is $12 a year.

Dashlane: This app has an impressive interface with easy to use auto login and logging of purchases and orders from online shops. It supports two-factor authentications and will let you share passwords with emergency contacts. You can also change multiple passwords on dozens of sites with a few clicks. To store information locally is part of the free download, but to sync across devices you will need the premium service at $40 a year.

1 password: The app offers a powerful and secure password management system. This app is only for use locally and can be shared across devices by syncing your encrypted vault via Dropbox, iCloud or other shared network folder. The download is free, and the premium app is $50 (one time).

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