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6 issues to consider when updating your employee handbook

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in Centerpiece,Employee Benefits Program,Human Resources

employee handbookAn out-of-date employee handbook is more of a liability than an asset. With ever-evolving laws and regulations, it is important to ensure that your company’s handbook is current. When reviewing and revising your handbook, take heed of the following hot-button employment law topics.

1. LGBT protections

Laws continue to expand protections afforded to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees. Courts have held that transgender individuals are protected by Title VII’s protection against discrimination “because of sex.”

The EEOC recently filed two cases against employers alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation. Many states and municipalities also have enacted laws and regulations expanding employment protections to include LGBT individuals.

Given this trend, ensure that your equal employment opportunity policies provide equal protection to employees without regard to sex, sexual orientation, gender ident...(register to read more)

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