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Stay connected when you travel

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When you are traveling for work, life in the workplace goes on. Here’s how you can make sure that you don’t miss too much of the action back in the office:

•    Investigate your destination. That retreat in the mountains might be great for teamwork, but what about cellphone coverage? Don’t assume your destination will have good cell service, Wi-Fi and Internet. Check, and make sure you will have access to a landline, just in case.

•    Schedule “office” hours. Look at your schedule and block of time each day when you are available to take calls from the office, and when you will call to check in. Share your schedule with everyone before you leave so that they know when they can reach you and when they should be available.

•    Put everything in the cloud. Google Drive, DropBox and the like make it easy for you to store, access and share documents anytime, anywhere. Even if you use cloud storage only temporarily, it makes it possible for you to deal with urgent matters while you are on the road.

•    Ask for status updates. Ask employees to update you on important issues and key projects at the end of each day. Even just a one or two-line update will keep you in the loop.

— Adapted from “5 Ways Business Owners Can Stay Connected to Their Business While Traveling,” Andrea Lotz, www.allprowebtools.

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