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Strengthen your workplace relationships

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

To strengthen your relationships with your employees and co-workers, work these phrases into your conversations:

  • “You helped me …” It feels wonderful to be acknowledged when you do something good for someone else. Show your gratitude by telling people how they made your life a little easier.
  • “I never looked at it that way.” That simple phrase commends the other person for a great thought or ideal, while also showing that you don’t know everything. Both increase trust and cooperation.
  • “I know we can do better.” When your team fails to hit a goal or falls short of expectations, this kind of optimistic, “We’re in this together,” approach motivates people to work together.
  • “I don’t agree with that.” While you shouldn’t disagree simply for the sake of it, if you don’t agree with something, speak your mind. Just do so without being dramatic.  

Remember: Don’t force it. Always be genuine or your words will have a negative impact instead.

— Adapted from “5 Expressions To Build Business Relationships,” Achim Nowak, Open for Business, http://openfor.business.

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