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5 weak statements to ban

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If you feel your confidence waning, your own self talk may be to blame. When you find yourself saying or thinking the following phrases, find a more positive substitute. You’ll give your confidence a boost—and appear more confident to others:

  • “I suppose.” This response is half-hearted and timid. Instead, use a more direct “I know” or “I believe.” You’ll feel surer of yourself and others will, too.
  • “I never.” When you say things like “I never received that information” or “I was never informed” you play the victim—and you appear defensive to others. Instead, ask a question, such as “When did we discuss this?” or “When did you send that?” and then add “I don’t recall receiving it. Can we go over it again?”
  • “It’s good enough.” With that phrase, you are admitting that you will lower your standards or cut corners. Telling yourself that will tear down your confidence overtime—and others may come to believe you don’t care about your work.
  • “I might.” The phrase is passive and noncommittal. Instead, say “I’m considering” or “I’m deciding” to convince yourself and others that you are at least putting some thought into a plan or idea. Better: If you already know your decision, go ahead and share it.
  • “I can’t.” This one is super obvious but definitely worth repeating. When you think “I can’t,” you begin to believe that you can’t, and it usually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, use “I will”—even if you have to fake it—and soon enough you will believe that you can.

— Adapted from “9 Phrases That Will Sabotage Your Confidence,” Lolly Daskal, Inc., www.inc.com.

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