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5 qualities of the best leaders

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

What sets truly great leaders apart from the mediocre—or downright awful—ones? The following attributes:

  1. They aren’t lazy. They don’t sit behind a desk barking orders and delegating the worst tasks. Instead, they work hard—and often do the work no one else wants to do.
  2. They don’t hide in their of­­­fices. They are out and about, having frequent face time with their em­­ployees and showing a true interest in them.
  3. They never use fear to motive others. They inspire employees by working hard and setting a good example, not by making threats.
  4. They know what’s going on. Because they make a concerted effort to connect with people, they know when employees are struggling and when morale has dipped. They aren’t waiting on someone else to tell them about problems because they’ve already discovered them.
  5. They remove roadblocks quickly. Once they are aware that a problem exists, they move quickly to resolve it, making it easier for everyone to do their best.

— Adapted from “10 Things Great Managers Know (& Do)," Chery Gegelman, http://linkis.com.

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