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So, how do YOU start a sentence?

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in Centerpiece,Office Communication,Workplace Communication

business people talkingSo, it seems just about everyone starts a sentence with “so” these days.

Hey, it just spills off the tongue, and it’s so widespread you hardly no­­tice it, even when you do it yourself.

You see your co-worker coming down the hall and you want to tell her the terrible commute you had this morning. “So, I was driving over the bridge, when suddenly …” You just can’t help it.  “So” has become the official word to kick off a conversation or change a topic. It’s a mini-attention-getter. A comfort word that clears the deck for your thoughts. Without the “so,” your opening sentence may feel like it started out of nowhere, for no apparent reason. The “so” roots it, although it adds nothing to the rest of what you say.

“So” is not a word you need to eliminate. It just needs to be put in its proper place. For example, finish telling your co-worker about your commute: “I was driving over the bridge, when suddenly a bicyclist veered in front of me, so I steered in the oncoming lane and almost had a head-on. I was so angry." As you see, the introductory “so” is not only un­­needed, it’s nonsensical. The other so’s are fine.

It’s hard to say where the “so” opener started, but it most certainly is insanely contagious. It’s out there, big time.

So, here are other sentence starters you’ll hear that you may want to be mindful of when you speak:

  1. Well
  2. OK
  3. Um
  4. Basically
  5. Anyways
  6. Look
  7. To be honest
  8. In fact
  9. Yeah
  10. Hey

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