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Abandoned pay stub leads to EPA suit

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in Office Management,Payroll Management

A forgotten pay stub wound up costing an Irving trucking company $45,000. That’s how much NFI RoadRail paid to settle with a female executive who found her predecessor’s pay stub when she moved into his old office.

The errant stub showed that the man had been earning far more than the woman was. When the NFI RoadRail refused to raise her salary, she filed an EEOC complaint.

A resulting investigation eventually found that three men in comparable positions were still taking home substantially more than the woman.

To settle the matter, NFI RoadRail and its New Jersey parent company NFI Industries agreed to pay her $45,000 and amend its pay policies to avoid future discrepancies.

Advice: Regularly audit how much you pay employees who hold comparable positions to make sure no protected group fares worse than others. If pay differences cannot be explained by experience, skills, or other legitimate reasons, a correction is in order.

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