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1. In February, a U.S. Supreme Court decision gave employees more power to file lawsuits regarding:
    a. Losses in their 401(k) accounts
    b. Injuries suffered in the workplace
    c. Same-sex harassment

2. What do U.S. employees say is the single biggest barrier they face in fulfilling their assigned job responsibilities?
    a. Overload/not enough time
    b. Unclear directions from management
    c. Conflicts with co-workers

3. What’s the current name of the federal government’s electronic system for checking employees’ immigration status?
    a. E-Check   b. E-Verify   c. E-Alien

4. Congress this year extended FMLA leave to certain family members of U.S. soldiers. A pending bill would offer 14 days of job-protected leave each year to:
    a. Parents who need to attend school meetings
    b. Voluntary firefighters/first responders
    c. Stressed-out HR professionals

5. What will be the three fastest-growing occupations, in order, in the next 10 years?
    a. Network/data communications analysts, home health care aides, software engineers 
    b. Home health care aides, software engineers, medical assistants
    c. Software engineers, environmental scientists, home health care aides

6. Ten years ago, 47% of employers had a policy that allowed vacation carry-over. What’s that percentage today?
    a. 43%   b. 58%   c. 70%

7. What’s the most popular environment-friendly action being taken by U.S. employers today?
    a.  Using energy-efficient lighting in the workplace
    b.  Encouraging employees to make “green” decisions at work
    c. Cutting pollution output

1. U.S. Supreme Court; 2. LifeCare survey; 3. USCIS; 4. SHRM; 5. BLS; 6. Mercer survey; 7. SHRM survey.

Answers:   1. A    2. A    3. B    4. B    5. A    6. C    7. B

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