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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

Ritch Eich, 70, is a leadership consultant based in Thousand Oaks, Calif. He’s author of the new book, Truth, Trust & Tenacity. An officer in the U.S. Navy, Eich has worked as a senior executive in both industry and higher education.

Executive Leadership: You’ve been a leader in the military, academia and health care. Did your leadership style change in these different fields?

Eich: I don’t think I’ve changed much despite being in different environments. The principles haven’t changed.

EL: What principles?  

Eich: Most of us want to be treated fairly, with respect and dignity, and given an opportunity to grow and participate in something larger than ourselves. The best leaders don’t show preferential treatment, and they also listen and try to provide meaningful responses to questions raised.

EL: Can you give an example of how effective leaders listen well?

Eich: I spent a day at Google a few years ago. Sergey Brin and Larry...(register to read more)

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