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The Records Management Filing Cabinet: May ’16

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in Office Management,Records Retention

Nothing leaves this room! Here’s a good policy for HR to adopt to prevent an employee’s records from being lost, altered or exposed to people who should not see them: Have managers review the employee’s records in the HR office only. Provide the time and space for the managers to get what they need. It may appear over-protective, but you’re responsible for those records.

Scan in those restaurant receipts. Since you need to hang on to employee expense re­­ceipts (restaurant, gas station, etc.) for at least six years (IRS rule), you may want to scan those in and store them electronically. Or you could use your phone to snap a complete photo of the receipt and transfer it to an electronic folder. Why? The ink on those flimsy receipts can start fading within a year. You don’t want to later wonder, “What was on this little blank slip of paper?”

Who’s in control? You are. Get in the habit of filing all those personnel documents in their proper place as soon as they arrive on your desk. Don’t wait for them to pile up. That’s a recipe for lost records and general disorganization. And while you’re in the file, give it a quick check to make sure everything’s up to date. This should be your mantra: “Control the paperwork before it controls me.”

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