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5 ways e-records make you awesome at your job

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computer with folder and check markElectronic employee records management is rapidly becoming more popular due partly to the downfalls of paper-based filing systems, but also because of the higher efficiency experienced with comprehensive electronic management systems.

Here are some of the key ways that electronic employee records—when properly managed—can make you awesome at your job, particularly if you’re an HR or people manager.

They save you time

Managing paper based records is a time-intensive task. You need staff to service administration of the records, including creation, filing, locating and updating documents on a regular basis. Elec­­tronic employee records help reduce the administration time required, which allows you to focus on more important things on your plate.

They improve employee management

Proficient record management is a key contributing factor to effective employee management. Adequate records will indicate important employee benchmarks and timelines, such as performance reviews, productivity expectations, re-certifications, salary reviews and more. When these items are centralized, managers are better able to use this information to inform decisions affecting employees.

They improve regulatory compliance

Electronic records management systems allow you to ensure that information about employees is accurate and secure. This helps reduce risk when it comes to misuse of information, establish access restrictions and controls, and comply with state and federal laws. For HR and people managers, the more prepared you are for legal and regulatory compliance, the less risk you are at of violating any laws, and the more protected your organization is against legal repercussions.

They help identify issues

In the same vein as improving employee management, using an electronic employee records management system can help you use documents as a frame of reference to identify issues. These can include things such as overcompensation, changes in employee performance, and more. When you efficiently track relevant employee metrics, you can identify issues and take corrective action as needed.

They rid you of mountains of paper

Paper employee records present a very obvious problem: They take up a ton of valuable space. Fur­­ther­­more, they are quite expensive to maintain (consider, for example, that the average four-door filing cabinet costs $25,000 to fill). Transitioning to electronic employee records not only helps you save space, but also money. And, don’t forget about the environmental benefits that come with reducing paper use!

While it may not be as high a priority as other business functions, electronic employee records management can have real, demonstrable effects that improve your ability to excel at your job.


Kevin D’Arcy is vice president of sales & marketing, MES Hybrid Docu­­ment Systems, Inc. Visit www.mesltd.ca


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Julie Clements May 26, 2016 at 11:15 pm

Electronic storage has been a boon to almost all industries. There has been considerable reduction in the use of paper in offices. Thanks to latest technology we have the option of cloud storage for easy retrieval no matter where we go.


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