Microsoft Office Notes: May ’16

Trying to keep minutes, agendas and committee members straight? Use OneNote! Create a section for general information (members, objective, etc.) and create a section for minutes. If you use the same format to record minutes, create a page template (Insert tab, Page templates button on the far right). When action items are identified in meetings, flag them with a tag. You can use the existing tags (Home tab, Tags group) or create custom tags. When it’s time to create the next agenda, you can click on Find Tags and create a Tag Summary to identify all the action items discussed.

Performing a find/replace operation in Excel may not always be practical, for example, if you’re recording a macro. A formula using FIND and REPLACE could work. This text string ABCD-123 in A1 doesn’t work for your purposes with the dash. The FIND function would locate the position of the dash: =FIND(“-“,A1), in this case 5. The REPLACE command will replace one or more characters in a defined place in a string. In this case, starting in position 5 for a length of 1 character. Putting them together would look like this: =REPLACE(A1,FIND(“-”,A1),1,””) and return ABCD123.

A lot of time is spent on formatting Word documents. Sometimes, it’s impossible to know how your document should look until all the content is in. There are three things to leave for last: headers, footers and pagination. To avoid being “bugged” by the visual, work in Web Layout view to eliminate the visual of individual pages. Once you’re done typing, return to Print Layout view. Now, adjust paragraph formats, to keep lines together, or page break before to improve flow. You can use heading styles to give it structure and headers and footers to make it easier to use.