The proper use of the new Facebook reactions

Facebook reactionsFacebook used to only have a “like” button and after much testing, it has added several more reaction options. With these new options come many more ways to effectively communicate—and opportunities to miscommunicate, as well.

Here are five tips for using each Facebook reaction, or emoji, properly.

1. Avoid using a “Sad” reaction for what could be intended as a happy event. For example, if your ex is in a new relationship, this is not the time for the “Sad” reaction. Your reaction will speak volumes about what you are really saying. The Sad emoji is perfect for sad events, like the passing of a family pet, family member or other truly sad events.

2. “Love” your friend’s new baby. Using the “Love” button is a great way to show your attention and support for cute, adorable or loving posts.

3. Don’t “HAHA” when it is obvious someone is venting. Just as you wouldn’t laugh in someone’s face if they were venting, use the same caution on Facebook. (HAHA is the squinting eye emoji).

4. Do “Wow” important events or accomplishments. The “Wow” button (Open eyes and mouth emoji) is perfect to show amazement and congratulations for an event.  

5. Avoid using “Angry” on a post you don’t agree with. This is sure to ignite a drama storm on the post. The Angry button should be used with caution: You don’t want to alienate yourself from your friends or customers. Angry should be used with extreme caution.