Set a personal example

Managers are high-profile people.

 Their subordinates are watching them at all times, and they develop attitudes about the company from what they see.

 How can you improve morale and employee perceptions? Set a personal example, follow these guidelines:

Never complain about company policies or your bosses in front of your staff. That only gives employees free rein to trash talk whatever or whoever in the organization.

Avoid taking part in gossip or rumor. Buying into gossip, when you get right down to it, is taking sides on a issue—usually unfairly. Set high standards for communicating accurately and openly.

Base all your decisions and arguments on a well focused objective. How does the outcome affect the company? What are you trying to achieve? All your decisions should be based on the best interests of the organization.

Gather facts, analyze them and then act as a decisive leader. Avoid changing positions after a well-informed decision has been made.