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If your email fails this test, don’t bother sending it

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Robert Lentz

by on
in Centerpiece,Office Communication,Workplace Communication

stop sending emailSomewhere out there lurks a group called the Plain English Campaign, an organization so peeved by bad business communication that it hands out annual Golden Bull awards for the worst of the worst. Here’s a recent “winner,” a snippet from an email sent by a business to a prospective client:

(Company X) is engaged with the largest knowledge driven companies helping them transform the way their employees collaborate, breaking down silos and creating a flatter more dynamic organization that better leverages the thousands of staff that they have.

37 words, almost no information.

Heather Baker, speaker and creator of the BakerWrite Speedwriting system, pointed out in her recent webinar that words themselves make up only 7% of the full message that’s internalized when we speak or write. The rest comes from factors like intonation, style, body language—even timing and the restrictions of the medium in which we choose to communicate....(register to read more)

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