Debating: How to make powerful points during meetings

By: Susan Leahy, MA, CSP

Being able to communicate effectively is an essential part of using Robert’s Rules of Order. There is nothing more painful then sitting in a meeting and having people make pointless debates or talking off topic. Being able to be focused, direct and intentional when debating will earn you respect and increase meeting effectiveness. Take a moment to watch and learn Susan’s 3-Stage Technique For Making Powerful Points During Meetings!

In this video, Susan Leahy, MA, CSP, teaches a simple 3-stage technique for making powerful points when debating.



The content of this video comes from Susan’s Confident Public Speaking audio training course, which is included in the Robert’s Rules Made Simple Solution. This video will support you in feeling more confident, earn you more respect and help you create the influence you want when trying to make your point during your next meeting. For more information, visit Susan’s websites listed below:

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