Don’t be a yes-but person

When something goes well, it is easy to put a damper on the good news with a “yes-but” mentality, for example, “We hit our target, but we could have done more.” That thinking devalues the hard work and effort of both you and others.

Instead, celebrate your wins with this advice:  

  • Discuss what went right. Share specifics about how well you did. What is most exciting about the results?
  • Celebrate only the good. When your team does something great, revel in the moment. Don’t mention any areas that need improvement just yet.
  • Encourage others to be content. When teammates or employees begin to make negative statements, stop them. Say, “Let’s enjoy this win right now.”
  • Show gratitude. Thank everyone for everything they did to contribute to the win.
  • Reserve complaints and improvement discussions for another time. Granted, you can always do better. However, rather than tainting celebrations with negative discussions, hold monthly meetings where you talk about making improvements for future initiatives.

— Adapted from “Sick of Being a ‘Yes-But’ Leader,” Dan Rockwell, Leadership Freak,