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Become instantly more likable

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in Business Etiquette,Workplace Communication

Here are five actions—you can start doing right now—to make you more likable:

  • Put your phone away. Turn it off, tuck it away and focus on the people around you.
  • Make eye contact. You will appear confident and fully invested in what other people are saying.
  • Be happy. Smile, laugh, and tell stories and jokes if you are comfortable doing so. People prefer to be around positive, happy people.
  • Listen—reallllly listen. Hearing isn’t enough, especially if you are just waiting to respond. Tune in, interpret and evaluate what the person is saying, and then formulate a response. You have to truly pay attention to do all that.
  • Give and receive compliments. Definitely offer others praise, but also be able to graciously accept a compliment offered to you. A sincere “Thank you” will suffice.

— Adapted from “11 Simple Social Skills That Will Make You More Likable,” Kathleen Elkins and Natalie Walters, Business Insider, www.businessinsider.com.

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