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Focus on fair discipline

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in Workplace Communication,Workplace Conflict

Having a fair disciplinary process is the best way to defeat frivolous discrimination allegations.

Recent case: As a cafeteria supervisor, part of Arnold’s job involves ensuring there are enough employees to prepare and serve meals. However, he often botched the staff scheduling plan.

A new chef was hired, who is black. Arnold took it upon himself to help the chef with the computer system. His boss told Arnold to focus on his own job. Then he was disciplined for poor scheduling.

Arnold sued, alleging that his helpful relationship with the chef led to retaliation, violating his right to be free of associational discrimination.

The court tossed the case, reasoning that the employer had legitimate reasons for questioning Arnold’s performance unrelated to his relationships at work. (Chew v. San Francisco, No. 13-CV-05286, ND CA, 2016)

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