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Don’t fudge or exaggerate details of insurance coverage

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in Employee Benefits Program,Employment Law,Human Resources,Office Communication,Workplace Communication

Never exaggerate the quality or quantity of employee benefits, either in written communication or when trying to sell an applicant on your organization. Courts will make you stick to any promises, even if they're made orally and without approval from higher-ups.

Recent case: After injuring his back on the job, a warehouse worker found out that the firm's workers' comp policy had lapsed. The employee handbook said all employees would be provided workers' comp insurance. He sued for negligence, breach of contract and a violation of state insurance code. A federal appeals court let the case go to trial. (Adams v. Reynolds Tile and Flooring Inc., No. 14-03-00263-CV, Texas Ct App, 2003)

Final point: Make sure you keep your insurance payments up to date. If you let your policy lapse and an employee files a claim, you open up yourself to a negligence lawsuit.

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