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Make a great hire? There’s more work to do

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in Centerpiece,Hiring,Human Resources

employee trainingCongratulations! You just welcomed a new employee to the team. Whoa! Don’t just walk away just because you did such stellar work on the hiring end. You have more work ahead of you if you want that employee to survive, thrive and produce.

Here are some must-do’s in order to ensure your new hires blossom into great employees:

  • Make sure new employees are well-launched. The first few weeks are crucial. Look for areas where further orientation or training is needed. Be alert to problems employees may have in adjusting to a new environment or schedule. It’s important that new employees feel they’re doing as well as they can, so be especially diplomatic in pointing out errors or mistakes.
  • Work at keeping in touch.  Lay the foundation of your relationship by being available to help or just listen. New employees may not seek you out, so find ways for your paths to cross. Informal get-togethers with the whole team can help.
  • Recognize accomplishments. New employees are especially eager to know how their work is being evaluated. Praise is doubly important at the beginning of a new job.
  • Encourage initiative and new ideas. One reason good employees leave, aside from lack of appreciation, is that they feel little or no opportunity to try out new ideas, learn new skills or experiment with new procedures. When you open up these possibilities, you’ll increase your chances of keeping employees interested for years to come.
  • Be the main source of information. New employees expect you to relay to them vital information about changes in policy and procedures as well as news within the organization. Give it to them. Don’t let the sometimes-sour grapevine be that source.

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