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8 ways your culture is draining the will of the staff

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Robert Lentz

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

“Every employee has a passion for something. A bad company culture quickly and effectively snuffs it right out.” – You’ll Love Working Here: 10 Steps to an Amazing Workplace Culture

Two equally talented and motivated employees leave a company and head off in different directions. One lands at a prominent, well-respected business and immediately begins to thrive without missing a step. The other snags a position at a similarly high-profile outfit with steady growth—and is back out on the pavement within six months. Not fired, mind you. Not laid off. He just had to make for the door.

What happened? The company culture there was restricting, impersonal, corporate to the extreme. His departure was no one person’s fault; it was a failure of the entire invisible structure around him.

Jay Forte, president of The Greatness Zone, LLC and author of Fire Up Your Employees, called attention during his February webinar to ...(register to read more)

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