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Hard to handle? Nah, you can do it!

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,People Management

unruly employeeBeing a manager requires you to learn to adapt your own leadership style to mesh with a variety of personality types. But some classic employee personality types seem to inherently present challenges, even to the most seasoned managers.

Here are three of the hardest personality types you’ll come across—and how to manage them.

Tough employee #1

The pot stirrer

An office pot stirrer can create plenty of water cooler huddles, but take heart: Workplace gossip isn’t always negative. MIT researchers have found that workplace socialization boosts the collective productivity of a department. In fact, your employees with the most social connections at work tend to be most productive.

But when you manage an office pot stirrer who architects a steady stream of negative gossip that causes employees to fear for their job security, to question the authenticity of the information they’re provided by management, or to gang up against one an...(register to read more)

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