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Stop drama from upstaging productivity

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,People Management

workplace conflict“And the Oscar for best dramatic performance by a team member in a supporting role goes to ... .”

Got someone on your staff whose flair for the theatrical could rival Cate Blanchett? When this aspiring diva is oversharing vivid details of her latest marital crisis, loudly lamenting a new company policy, or turning the search for a lost document into a Mission Impossible-style hunt, the one thing she isn’t doing is her job. And worse yet, the person wastes everyone else’s time and energy, too.

Behind the spectacle

Why do some workers turn everything into a melodrama? The tendency to overreact can be a natural personality trait.

Other drama lovers simply find it enjoyable to introduce chaos or excitement to a dull environment. However, one main reason behind the behavior stands out.

“In general, the office drama queen or king needs a lot of attention,” says executive coach Kathi Elster, co-author of Mean Girls at Work and co-h...(register to read more)

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