Business etiquette rules for the workplace

Proper workplace etiquette can smooth out your day-to-day ex­­peri­­ence and give your reputation a boost. Jacquelyn Smith, writing for Business Insider, shares some tips to follow.

  • Stand up when you’re being in­­tro­­duced. Standing gives the impression you’re interested and engaged in the conversation, which will help the person remember you.
  • Use your full name. When making introductions, always use your full name. If your name is difficult to pronounce, you could write down the pronunciation on your business card.
  • Don’t overdo the thank-yous. Limit the amount of times you say thank you in a conversation to one or two to avoid seeming needy or helpless.
  • Stay off your phone. Everyone has a phone with them nowadays, but that’s no excuse for pulling one out in the middle of an introduction. Avoid responding to emails and texts until after the meeting is done.
  • Get a professional headshot. A close-up photo with a plain background is the best option for a professional headshot. Make sure all photos on your social sites are business appropriate as well.
  • Say hello to others in the workplace. By saying hello to others as you walk by, you are giving the impression that you are a friendly person who is easy to talk to. You never know who you’ll run into in a meeting, and by saying hello, you’ve already established a connection.
  • Send separate and timely thank-you notes. Write and send your thank-you notes within 24 hours of meeting with a person. If there are several people involved, make sure the note is personalized. If time is critical, consider sending an email rather than a written note.

— Adapted from “21 business-etiquette rules every professional should know,” Jacquelyn Smith, Business Insider.