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Reverse engineering Excel workbooks

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in Excel Training

There are many good reasons to reverse engineer an Excel workbook. Let’s take a look at how to decode the structure of a workbook. Then, we’ll see how to demystify tricky formulas. Finally, we’ll take a peek at how to reveal workbook linkage to other workbooks.

Decoding the structure of a workbook

You should take two actions to make sure you see all the worksheets in a workbook. First, right-click any worksheet tab atActivate the bottom, and choose Un­­hide ... if it is active. If it is not active (grayed out), there are no hidden worksheets. Another possible explanation is that workbook structure protection has been turned on. Click on the Review tab and, in the Changes group,  check to see if the Protect Workbook button is highlighted. If it is, try clicking it to turn it off. If a password was set when protection was originally turned on, you’ll need it to unhide worksheets. With all the worksheets unhidden, right-cl...(register to read more)

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