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Your Office Coach

Was this a tiny social faux pas, or a passive-aggressive message to a co-worker?

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Q: "Every Friday, a few of us meet in the office kitchen for drinks after work. Last week, two of my co-workers got up and left while I was in the restroom. Since I consider them to be friends, I was quite offended that they didn’t wait to say goodbye.

"I know this is not a big deal, but now my feelings about it are interfering with our previously productive relationship. How do you think I should handle this?" Abandoned

A: The gravity of this offense really depends upon how many people were in the group. If there were only three of you, then bailing during your bathroom break was incredibly rude. But if others were present, you’re being a bit too sensitive. People often exit social gatherings without saying goodbye to each participant.

Even if your drinking buddies did leave you alone, don’t allow one small oversight to spoil an otherwise positive working relationship. The mature response would be to simply let this go, then, the next time you step away during Friday happy hour, ask them not to leave before you get back.


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