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It still all comes down to this: lists

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Productivity consultant David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, describes what he calls “the strategic value of clear space.”

“Say you’re going to cook dinner for people. It’s 5 p.m. and they’re coming at 6,” he says. “You want to have all the right ingredients. You want to have the right tools. You want the kitchen to be nice and clear. You need the freedom to make a creative mess.”

Allen advocates taking immediate, concrete steps: downloading all your commitments and projects into lists, focusing on “next actions,” and thinking about the context—what work needs to be done, when and where.

Essentially, it’s prioritizing.

You either feel good about what you choose to do, Allen says, “or you feel bad about the 9,000 other things you’re not doing. Everybody needs a system to make those choices wisely.”

— Adapted from “Being More Productive,” interview by Daniel McGinn, Harvard Business Review.

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