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Unleash your inner Ferrari

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

A presentation expert gives these tips on how to captivate your audience in public and in meetings:

  • Focus on your audience, not yourself. If you involve the crowd and get them engaged you’ll have their attention and lose your own nervousness. Say, “Turn to the person next to you and say one word that captures your career so far.” Everything should be about the audience.
  • Build your talk on emotion. People remember what they feel more than what you say.
  • Have a few bullet points. Then tell a story about each one and wait a few seconds after each story to let it register.
  • Purge weak language. Do this during a meeting. Mix half a cup of soda with half a cup of water. Every time you say weak words like “um” or “Let me add to what he said,” sip your weak drink. You can cut meetings in half.
  • Give yourself permission to be brilliant. We’re all driving a Ferrari with the hand brake on.

— Adapted from “How to Get Over Yourself,” interview with Bill Hoogterp by Dinah Eng, Fortune.

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